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Der Große Ratsherrenbal

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D E R   G R O S S E   R A T S H E R R E N B A L L
Marvelous Renaissance ball • Old town hall • Nuremberg
Alloweth me to transporteth thee into the captivating world of the 16th century, a era where charm, gallantry, etiquette, nobility, and honor did shape the daily life. An eve that shall taketh thee back to the days of patricians, noble ladies, and knights awaits thee. Within the majestic walls of the Nuremberg Town Hall, a treasure of architecture and history, the people doth gather to celebrateth multiple anniversaries. The "Nuremberg Dance Statutes," which did once establish the rules for the elegant town hall balls, marketh their 500th year of existence. These statutes were once the epitome of etiquette and societal decorum, and today, they stand as a fascinating testament to times of yore.
Yet, this century doth offer more than this. Albrecht Dürer, the renowned artist, was once commissioned to design a new town hall chamber. With masterful skill and artistic brilliance, he did create a chamber that became a jewel of architecture and, ere the completion of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, was counted among the world's most outstanding spaces. Our ball is a homage to the splendid patrician balls that once took place within this chamber. We shall don historic attire and breathe life into the wonders of this hall. Nuremberg shall witness how vivid and enchanting history can be when we bring it back to life.
Let us together dive into a grand divertissement in historical attire. Savor games, dances, and the allurements of patrician life. Let us jointly turn back time and rekindle the elegance and splendor of days of yore. Experience it firsthand and be a part of this captivating journey into the past. Let us together reawaken the magnificence of the 16th century and relish this unforgettable night within the Nuremberg Town Hall chamber.

T H E   E V E N T S   &   W O R K S H O P S

B A L L   P R E P A R A T I O N
Workshop with dances of the ball for beginners & advanced
2nd-4th April 2024 • Ballettförderzentrum • Nuremberg

A V E R T I M E N T I   D E L   B A L L O
E T I Q U E T T E   O F   T H E   B A L L R O O M

Renaissance lesson of manners
2nd-4th April 2024 • Ballettförderzentrum • Nuremberg

T H E   P R I D E   O F   T H E   N U R E M B E R G   P A T R I C I A N S
Guided tour through the special treasures of the city
2nd-4th April 2024 • Old Town • Nuremberg

S W I F T L Y   D A N C I N G
Workshop featuring Ballroom Dances for Beginners & Advanced
5th April 2024 • Ballettförderzentrum • Nuremberg

T O A S T   O F   T H E   P A T R I C I A N S
Nuremberg & beer - you can't devide!
A delicious and noble beer tasting
5th April 2022 • Old Town • Nuremberg

C O U N S E L O R ´ S   R E C E P T I O N
Reception in robes
6th April 2024 • Old Town • Nuremberg

D E R   G R O S S E   R A T S H E R R E N B A L L
Renaissance ball
6th April 2024 • Old town hall • Nuremberg

Franconian banquet
6th April 2024 • Zum Spießgesellen • Nuremberg

A delighting postlude
D E R   G R O S S E   N Ü R N B E R G E R   R A T H A U S B A L L
Aftermath masked ball
6th April 2024 • Old town hall • Nuremberg

O U R   S P O N S O R S
Thank you very much, your support, which made this ball possible.

Please click on one of the program items
to get to the detailed information.

Hurray, he ball and most of its events and workshops will take place!

D R E S S   C O D E
F O R   T H E   R A T S H E R R E N B A L L
Visitors to the event are expected in 16th-century garb.
Only persons in historical clothing from the Renaissance
of the 16th century or all clothing up to 1630 are admitted to the ball.
I ask you to comply with the requirements.
Please do not show up in cheap fancy dress costumes, thank you.
Due to the risk of injury,
we will refrain from carrying weapons at the ball!

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Please note that accommodation
hast to be searched and booked by yourself.
Please book in time!!!
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of hotels & accommodationsns.

Peter Hoffmann
Phone: +49 (0)9 11 / 21 28 108
Mail:  info@ratsherrenball.de

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